Tim Howard


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Produced by Darwin Corn and Dan Evans
MCs: Salad Hayes (Corn) and Gun Xiaoping (Evans)
DJ G-Spot

4th of July Weekend, 2014


released July 8, 2014



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BRODOWN Missoula, montana

Embracing our inner bro since June 30th, 2014.

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Track Name: Tim Howard
What I’m sayin’s like one, two, three, four grams of the powder.
And I’m rockin’ that Molly like I don’t know all about ‘er.
And I know that you really wanna get it on.
I know that everybody really wanna get it on.

And when I roll up with my buddies turn the music up louder.
I’m savin’ this party Rap Game Tim Howard.
And I know that you really wanna get it on.
I know that everybody really wanna get it on.

Gun be savin' the party now it's my time to score.
I be rackin' up them goals like a kid in a candy store.
Stackin' bricks so high you might fuck up and call me Dwight.
But this song about Tim 'cause we here to save the night.

I got paper on my mind and the state wants a piece.
You wanna play on my time then ya best get on yo' knees.
You can stay on my dime long as ya don't call the police.
And if I say yo' bitch fine you betta give her to me.

If her name Molly then we'll be off runnin' the town.
Call it my folly but she really makes me wanna throw down.
Haul off the party we only take the best hoes aroun'.
Rollin' too deep, welcome to a motherfuckin' Brodown.


They said its impossible, that they unstoppable
Moving from the group stage up into the front page
Taking that world wide, pushing on the front line,
Jersey style, put the team on my back again this time

Ain’t no problem though, nothing for my homie bro
hit me on the telephone if you need a gram of blow
don’t got the dough? ain’t no problem, be at home,
and tell that girl to come over if you find my phone

Out the group now I'm choppin' it up wit' the big fish on the block.
Bring yo' troop how ya floppin' the cup i'n't no bitch fo' ya cock.
Singin' the truth we droppin' this track it take us straight to the top.

Ain’t just none of that matter, extra time on the clock
when my ex in town, thinking she can show up at the club
and get to cut around, come and get her party down,
no issue, kick her out and don’t spoil my time
tim howard big save on the goal line.

[Refrain x 2]
Track Name: Opium Wars
Got this imperial product
shipped straight for the economics
All from the same place we be growin your damn cotton
Tea for the brit homes, dope make your mind blown
Hayes be keeping profits flowing back to the boat.

So then here’s the deal bro,
no stopping , gonna fuck with your face
we’ll put you down in some cheap mass graves tho.

Go an’ fuck wit’ us and get the
[BOOM] in yo' head son.
Cannons ‘bout to bust and make the
[BOOM] in yo' den son.
Opium wars.
Opium wars.

Hayes hittin' all cylinders best be watchin' yo' residuals.
Say I'm clippin' tall fiddlers yeah just the tops o' these diff'r'nt hoes.
Play wit' this 'n' fall quicker th'n all those bless-ed emperors.
Stay sittin' lest the boss man up an' throw yo' ass to the wolves.

Yeah I'm wise like my man, Gun Xiaoping do it.
Hittin' highs like my fans, won't y'all sing to it!?
Scream when you hear the name Salad through the P.A.
That Red Wizard here these lames call it Satan's birthday.

So now with contracts you strapped down by impossible force
Tryin to blast the business keeping the source
Or you short, and I ain’t fuckin til you sayin my name
so take a drag of the grey smoke, i think I’m having some more

So who’s to fuckin’ blame? And it's all about myself.
Time to traffick, come on Gun you know this shit won't sell itself.
Find ya havoc, some on the run to show this shit won't help ya health.
Gotta have it, tons of fun on ships gonna have to quell that hell.

Go an’ fuck wit’ us and get the
[BOOM] in yo' head son.
Cannons ‘bout to bust and make the
[BOOM] in yo' den son.
Cannons ‘bout to bust and make the
[BOOM] in yo' den son.
Cannons ‘bout to bust and make the
[BOOM] in yo' den son.

Side wit' the winners as we ride on those we oppose.
Ain't no hidin' ya sinners, time to fight wit' yo weak ass hoes.
Get that light a li'l dimmer, I'll show you can geek it wit' yo' nose.

Got more of the same thing,
Movin this shit through Nanjing,
Its Xiaoping.

Needin some of that cash back
Can’t move when I’m all wacked
and I blow smoke and i ‘m face down in her ass crack
for dat Gun Mackin

Get back 'n' stick wit' the tricks ya turn t' pay the rent.
Best quit hackin' these sick bitch fits'll earn ya a stay and then
Ya sit back 'n' quick hit the sticky burn and lay down i' the den.

Yeah I like that plan and that type of mission
tearin shit up in the canton system
paid for by that blinged ore that you missin
the crates and the baggage will keep paving
the payment, the crown ain’t fuckin waitin.

Opium Wars.
Opium Wars.

Talent monopoly, Rap Game East India Company.
That's how it was meant to be, that same steez keeps ya int' me.
Hayes be wit’ ya in a second, madak’s got me preoccupied.
All I know’s that this opium 'n' tabac’s all that's on my mind.
Lots o' hoes in this den; all that means is I ain't got the time
Fo' yo' bullshit. Step off real quick fo' you begin to harsh my high.

So when it comes to changing,
no strikes or the end of the nation
The young people keep losing their patience
All in the hot water and all kung fu masters have
come back to put you in that porcelain casket

Opium Wars.
Opium Wars.